Innovas commissioned to carry out Low Carbon Research by Scottish Enterprise

Innovas has been appointed by Scottish Enterprise, working with Highlands & Islands Enterprise to carry out a study of businesses in the water supply & waste water treatment and low carbon heating & cooling sectors in Scotland.

scottish enterpriseThe purpose of the work is to identify market opportunities arising from the global growth in demand for related goods, services and technologies and to assess the capabilities of firms in Scotland to exploit these opportunities.

The study is the first dedicated examination of the water supply & waste treatment and low carbon heating & cooling sectors in Scotland. A key element of the work is an in-depth survey of Scottish Enterprise’s Account Managed businesses and identification and surveying of additional companies in the sectors to provide a broader assessment of the respective sector strengths.

The outcome of the work will be a series of recommendations on how Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise, working with Scottish Development International, can best assist businesses to maximise both their growth potential and the benefits to the Scotland’s economy.

The commission adds to Innovas’ extensive portfolio of work in the low carbon and environmental goods & services sectors. Other recent assignments include a mapping study of the energy and environment sector in Wales for Welsh Government, the development of low carbon project briefs to inform the European Investment Strategies of three West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships and drafting the London “Green Means Business” report on green entrepreneurship for the London Sustainable Development Commission.

For more information contact: Simon Hallam: | 01606 551122 | 07411 371 810