Low Carbon Market Intelligence

Since 2006 Innovas has been working to provide the evidence to support strategies and investment related to the Low Carbon Economy spanning renewable energy and environmental goods &services. 

We have helped both public sector organisations and private sector businesses to drive the transition to a low carbon future with detailed insights, based on impartial analysis and practical experience. 

Our research has helped clients to understand the benefits, challenges and opportunities associated with the low carbon economy, combining research excellence with practical experience and knowledge of implementation from both the public and private sectors.

Specialist Partners

Working with our partner Kmatrix Ltd we have conducted both quantitative and qualitative local, regional, national and international market sector analysis in the environmental, renewable energy technologies and low carbon technologies sectors. For more information on Kmatrix please follow this link.

Through our strong network of specialist practitioners, consultants, and partners, each a leader in their field, we are able to offer a unique insight into this dynamic, innovative and rapidly growing part of the economy.

By developing sustainable solutions based on hard market data we create a strong basis on which to build key strategies, programmes, inward investment targeting, and sector support including trade development.

Portfolio of work​

Innovas has an extensive portfolio of work in this field, including the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Department of Energy Climate Change (DECC), Renewable Energy Association, the Scottish and Welsh Governments, seven English Regions, several LEPs, four City Regions and a number of private sector clients.

If you would like more information or simply to talk to us please contact:  strategy.intelligence@innovas.co.uk or call us on 01606 551122