Strategy & Policy

Sound policymaking requires an ability to articulate a strategy for both enhancing sustainable economic growth and building a resilient economy. This must be based on a robust evidence base which provides a strong foundation to inform economic interventions, and spatial prioritisation of investments.

All of Innovas’ work is firmly rooted in the provision of advice and guidance to clients to aid development and implementation of economic development Strategy and Policy. 

Supporting Strategy and Policy making

The Innovas team has supported strategy and policy making to  many clients in the public sector (local authorities across the north of England, LEPs, local authorities, Regional Development Agencies across the country and central government departments, such as CLG and BEIS) and in the private sector (including local chambers of commerce and national business task forces).

Building on our Experience

Our experience includes development of strategies, policies and programmes supporting enterprise, business competitiveness and skills, including design of European Structural Fund programmes. Innovas has also assisted clients to produce responses to regional and national policy consultations and to develop bespoke submissions to influence national policymakers. 

In all our work, we combine a detailed understanding of economics and rigorous analysis with a great appreciation of the political dimension of economic development and policy making, and we work closely and sensitively with both clients and partners to ensure widespread buy in to the policymaking and implementation process, which is vital if strategy is to be converted into meaningful and impactful delivery.  

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