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About Us

The name Innovas originates from the combination of two words: Innovative-Solutions. This sets the basis of our entire approach.

Led by professionals

Led by professionals with the passion, experience, and commitment to ensure the highest possible standards of service delivery and client care, Innovas combines best practice with practical experience providing a responsive, cost effective, innovative, and professional service to its clients.

Public and private sectors

Serving both the public and private sectors we provide solutions to key economic challenges through research; the provision of information; feasibility studies; the development of plans and strategies; and the evaluation of the effectiveness and value for money.

We also provide practical support to business through coaching and mentoring and assisting companies to grow and enter new markets.

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We have grown through winning business in a highly competitive market against major national and international companies. 

‘Our vision for the future is to create a group of integrated service offerings to enable our clients to develop and retain that critical competitive edge in a challenging global market place’.

Tim Ashcroft – Founder

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