How We Work

Our networks of Specialised Consultants and Global Partners create an unfair advantage for all our clients. 

Innovas has built a reputation for quality through its collaborative approach with individuals and other organisations.

Our Team

With over 100 individually referenced UK-based consultants and partners; headquartered in Cheshire with a network of associates and partners in Europe, Middle East, and North America; Innovas collaborates with professionals to produce innovative solutions tailored to each client’s requirements.

Our teams are typically drawn from senior positions in education, government, industry and consultancy and have been selected because of their technical expertise in delivering and managing major projects to improve the performance of people, places and organisations.


We also recognise that it is not possible to have every resource and expertise in-house and that we can learn from the experience and long track record of leading specialists.

To achieve this we have teamed up with a select group of outstanding partners in:

  • International tax and accounting: Crowe U.K. LLP
  • Commercial law and IP: Myerson Solicitors
  • Market intelligence: Kmatrix Ltd

Also for those wanting to access new International Markets:

  • North America: PSD Global (USA) & Hemmingsen Consultancy (Canada)
  • China: ConnectChina
  • Middle East: AEI Saudi and Gulf Connect

Building on this approach we tailor our teams for each assignment combining our local knowledge with national and international expertise to ensure the optimum mix of skills and understanding of market conditions and a relevant understanding of our client’s needs.

If you are interested in learning more about working and collaborating with Innovas please contact us at: