Training & Development

In a changing world, organisations in the private and public sectors alike need a strong, flexible, talented management team able to take advantage of emerging opportunities and address new threats. 

Benefits of our approach include:

  • Developing a strong team to run the business
  • Identifying and growing the right talent and promoting from within
  • Avoiding expensive recruitment and hiring mistakes
  • Leading teams and delegating successfully
  • Providing service levels customers need and want
Innovas offers training, consultancy and coaching including:
  • Building a Team for the Future
     Succession planning, Talent management
  • Leading Teams
    Delegation, Managing performance, Values & Behaviours, Conflict Management
  • Customer Service 
    Managing customer service, Training customer service agents
Our programmes and tools link business, organisations, and people development. They include;
  • Insight and Understanding
    Using powerful tools including DISC®, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), and Hogan Personality Inventory; we help individuals and teams understand their strengths and how to lead and build successful teams.
  • Cultural Audits 
    Organisational culture defines an organisation’s uniqueness and identity and understanding it helps to understand why organisations do what they do and achieve what they achieve. A culture audit can be used to measure if an organisation’s behavior matches its expressed values and provide insight during organisational mergers.
  • Talent Management 
    Retention of talent is one challenge; recruiting the ‘right’ talent is another. We can help you develop a profile of your ‘ideal’ employee; their values, how they work, think and laugh. Once developed this profile creates a consistent basis on which to build your successful team
  • Managing Conflict 
    Conflict within teams often arises from the way people work and react, rather than from fundamental disagreements. Using the Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI) we identify your preferred style for handling conflict and use this to create understanding and a framework for building successful teams
  • Customer Experience Management 
    This includes ‘How to Deal with Complaints and WOW your Customers’
    This is designed to help you leave your customers feeling valued. It is aimed at those who regularly deal with customer complaints and want to learn how to exceed customer expectations.
  • Middle Management Development – FEARLESS  
    This Programme lets leaders know how to face reality, take decisive action, and accept responsibility for the outcome. This programme is intended to be tailored as an inhouse programme for individual organisation.

Innovas has established a team of people development professionals to work with your organisation to coach and mentor individuals and develop and deliver both in-house and open courses to support your business growth ambitions. 

If you would like more information or simply to talk to us please contact: or call us on 01606 551122