Growth Mentoring

Leaders of fast growing companies require insight and expertise to meet the challenges success bring.

Significant challenges include:

  • Recruitment and retention of the right staff to meet the new demands scaling up creates
  • Management and Leadership skills to match the growth ambitions of your business
  • Building a Winning Sales Engine
  • Overcoming Barriers to Innovation and Export

Key is establishing a fast moving Strategy supported by vital Market Intelligence.

Our people make us different bringing ‘lived’ experience with practical expertise used to producing commercial results. 

Working with our partner, Kmatrix Ltd, we offer a unique 3 dimensional Profiling to accurately benchmark your organisation against 30+ industry standard competencies. This is supported by our business coaches enabling the development of a targeted Business Strategy and Implementation plan.

  • Competitive Profiling
  • New market/technology Opportunity Analysis
  • Proof of Concept Risk and Opportunity Profiling
  • Analysis of barriers to Profitability and Growth
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Growth and Development Planning
If you would like more information or simply to talk to us please contact: or call us on 01606 551122