Market Intelligence

Accurate Market Intelligence on your target market is critical.

There is no one right route to market. Each company, country, sector, service and product is different.

Understanding the size of your potential market and the available market share, as well as key competitors and potential clients is vital.

We provide a range of services which are customised to each client including:

Country Report 

This is prepared by our consultant working with our in-country partner to give an overview of opportunities and potential contacts to pursue in developing an opportunity.

Market Opportunity Assessment

 This provides in depth research of the real opportunities and competitors in potential markets which best match each client. Working with our partner Kmatrix Ltd, each International Market Opportunity Assessment is commissioned on an individual client basis. This report is designed to look at new market opportunities on a country or global basis.

In particular, the report comments on: 

  • Best fit with identified market opportunities 
  • Market trends (Opportunities and threats) 
  • Channels to market both direct and indirect
  • Size of market opportunity
  • Percentage of market available
  • Closest competition and other emerging technologies
  • Potential Clients
  • Critical success factors in market entry
  • Additional data will be provided where appropriate 

This report is produced working with our partner Kmatrix Ltd who have partnered with Innovas since 2006. 

Using highly developed risk templates for over 12,000 global markets Kmatrix provide authoritative, multi- source and multi- factor analysis for time- critical decisions in a range of Corporate change situations like growth, diversification and globalisation. For more information on Kmatrix and its support to Innovas follow this link

In-market Lead Generation

This is designed to support initial market research building on data gained to develop a vetted list of potential clients and/or partners.

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