Kmatrix Ltd

Key Research & Analysis Partner

Since 2006, Innovas has worked with its partner Kmatrix Ltd researching the UK economy and key sectors forecasting future trends and commercial opportunities. 

Kmatrix provides corporate development services that enable clients to identify, quantify, risk- assess, select and exploit high potential global markets. They are well established, credible business analysts, recognised as Competent Persons by the UK/ US financial and investment markets for land & technology-based developments. They work with financial institutions, investment funds and with high net-worth individuals/ syndicates performing technical and market due diligence/ risk assessments on investment opportunities. 

Their uniqueness is the result of a thirty five -year international research programme (initiated by Harvard) into business survival and commercial/ market risk. This is the basis for all of Kmatrix market/ technical due diligence or intelligence work for companies, governments, financial institutions and investors.

Drawing on unique databanks that track global markets using over 40 measures of change and performance, track 170,000 technologies across multiple industries and refer to 7m business performance case studies, they are one of the largest privately assembled sources of competitive/ market intelligence in Europe.

Using highly developed risk templates for over 12,000 global markets they provide authoritative, multi- source and multi- factor analysis for time- critical decisions in a range of Corporate change situations like growth, diversification and globalisation.

Key Products which support Innovas include:

Company Profiling – 3 dimensional competitiveness assessment

Kmatrix company profiling graphic

Proof of Concept – Assessment of Commercialisation Opportunity through analysis of 

  • Best fit with identified market opportunities and additional applications where appropriate
  • Market trends (Opportunities and threats) 
  • Channels to market both direct and indirect
  • Size of market opportunity and the expected return on sales
  • Closest competition and other emerging technologies
  • Critical success factors in commercialisation (Both Licensing or start up)

The analysis is divided into three areas:


opportunity / risk


opportunity / risk


opportunity / risk

Market Opportunity Assessment – analysis of opportunities in new markets through looking at:

  • Best fit with identified market opportunities 
  • Market trends (Opportunities and threats) 
  • Channels to market both direct and indirect
  • Size of market opportunity
  • Percentage of market available
  • Closest competition and other emerging technologies
  • Potential Clients
  • Critical success factors in market entry
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