Innovas 10 Years | 10 Lessons | The Full Story

Innovas 10 Years | 10 Lessons | The Full Story

10 Years | 10 Lessons

This April we completed 10 years in business. It has been an exciting and sometimes challenging journey. Thank you to all who joined us enroute. We thought we would share some of the lessons we have learned on the way.

1. It’s the people. Your employees, partners and associates are your best asset. They are your power, your differentiator and your engine.

2. Clear consistent brand and message.

  • Clarity about what you do and how it will help your target clients
  • Address the question – why they should buy from you?
  • What they see is what they think they will get
  • ‘Be innovative: Create something different that will stand out.’ Richard Branson
  • ‘You don’t beat the competition at their game. You redefine the game.’ Steve Jobbs

3. Customer Service which will Dazzle! Being satisfactory must never be enough. A ‘satisfied’ client will always leave for something better. You must WOW and Dazzle your clients.

4. Sell, sell, sell. Planning is great but Selling is better. Every day ask yourself: ‘what have I done today which will help generate an income?’ If it’s nothing – then stop doing it!

5. Client relationships are critical. Customer Experience Management is essential. What they think happened is what did. They will become your friends if you help them succeed. Start every relationship as a long term one.

6. The power of your Networks. Success through association and personal referrals can place you ahead of the competition. Build a trusted network and collaborate to win.

7. It’s always about plan B (or C or D …). Plans rarely work as planned. Market change can be quick and disastrous. You must be agile, innovative, and prepared to reinvent yourself.

8. It’s what you don’t do that matters. Choosing not to be distracted ensures focus. It allows you to be the best at what you do. It can also be the wrong time to do something. Recognise this and its potential negative impact on you and your business.

9. Hold your nerve – it’s a rollercoaster. If you don’t like the big dips don’t get on. You need Passion, Persistence; and a sense of Humour.

10. It is always about the people – at home as well as at work!
You can’t do it all yourself. You need people. They must be talented. They must be inspired. They must be held accountable. They must be given the opportunity to succeed and fail on their own and not just be a puppet for your will. In short, you have to learn to be a great leader and manager of people if you want to see your great ideas and hard work truly have a huge impact on the world.’
Steve Jobbs

‘What we did yesterday may have been great.
What we will do tomorrow will be incredible.
Satisfactory is never enough – Success must Dazzle!’

Tim Ashcroft – Founder