It's Strange.
We live our lives forward and lose our memory backwards 

Helping Others

At Innovas we work with people of all cultures and ages as part of our delivering our services. 

Our older generation is increasing and dementia is becoming a factor in many families and individuals lives.

thanks for the memory

In 2013 Tim Ashcroft & his wife Renee established: Thanks for the Memory. A voluntary organisation building on his musical background and as Musical Director of the Dave Egerton Band. 

Thanks for the Memory uses the power of music to create ‘Memory Moments’ to help those living with memory loss or dementia and to help their families.

It staged its first concert in May 2014 at Cranage Hall in Cheshire and has held one annually there since. 

We have raised nearly £10,000 since starting and have bought music centres for four places, paid for artists to work with dementia patients, supported Mid Cheshire Hospitals Charity Dementia Appeal, and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Innovas hosts the organisation and provides support in promotion, ticketing, and managing the website & twitter; as well as staging the major events.

You can hear the band at: and learn more about Thanks for the Memory at: 

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