With the Vision to Lead
and the
Compassion to Listen
Talent Development

Leadership Development

Programmes to develop leaders and talent too often fail, yet the need for exceptional leadership at all levels has never been clearer. 

In the Private Sector the ability to link capability-building and value creation creates an engine by which companies consistently outperform against objectives—and competitors.

Within the Public Sector the constant shifting of priorities and structures demands an ever changing approach to leadership. 

Resilience, innovation, and creativity are core. Demonstrating a moral purpose through authentic leadership is critical. The ability to lead through influence and collaboration is now essential.

Self-confidence, courage, belief and authenticity are needed to enable leaders to have the impact and personal influence they need to embody and deliver strategic vision and ambitions.  

Our team has worked across the NHS supporting leaders and their teams to develop their capacity, capability and credibility. Since 2013 we have been part of the Faculty for the NHS Leadership Academy and since 2009 we have also supported the NHS Northwest Leadership Academy. 

Within the Private Sector our coaches and mentors have worked directly with the leaders of major corporates and their teams building their capacity to meet the challenges that rapid growth and scaling up can bring.

Innovas provides tailored solutions to our clients and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and develop a solution to meet your specific needs. 

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