Our networks of Specialised Consultants and Global Partners create an unfair advantage for all our clients.

At Innovas we recognise that it is not possible to have every resource and expertise in-house. We also recognise that we can learn from the experience and long track record of leading specialists.

To achieve this we have teamed up with a select group of outstanding partners in:

USA: PSD Global

Canada: Hemmingsen Consultancy

China: ConnectChina Ltd

Middle East: AEI Saudi & Gulf Connect

This is further supported by:

Market Intelligence Specialists: Kmatrix Ltd

International Tax and Accounting specialists: Crowe U.K. LLP; part of Crowe Global present in 130 countries world-wide

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PSD Global

PSD Global

USA based PSD Global, has worked with more than 100 Economic Development agencies globally, including the governments of Austria, Bavaria (Germany), Brazil, Virginia (US), Mexico, Bogota (Colombia), Japan, Ontario (Canada), Singapore, and Korea.

They also have extensive experience working with clients on their market entry needs and have worked with approximately 150 companies on market-entry projects, including Deutsche Bank, Cisco, Akamai, and Siemens. These projects resulted in average revenue growth of 200% annually and multiple export awards.

Hemmingsen Consultancy

Hemmingsen Consultancy was established in 2017 building on over 20 years experience of supporting Canadian and international firms in the global marketplace. Hemmingsen brings a network of connections across the country and insight into the key sectors and market opportunities. Based in Toronto they have long historic links with the British Consulate and the Department for International Trade.

Their work has included support on trade missions and trade shows; sector research; and identification of partners and agents to enable successful market entry into Canada.

ConnectChina Ltd

ConnectChina Ltd was founded as a specialist international consultancy in 2004 providing business support services in the UK & overseas to develop trade and investment opportunities with China.

The company is based in the north of England with offices in Shanghai providing excellent market coverage of China. Both offices have experienced, bilingual teams providing bespoke practical business solutions including supply chain development, business communication, partner brokerage and start up.

Clients range from micro companies to multinationals across a diverse range of sectors. They also work with the public sector in both China and the UK.

Arabian Enterprise Incubators

Established in 2012, Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI Saudi)focuses on people, projects and support services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AEI has supported over 1000 clients from over 40 different countries, from Austria to New Zealand.

Our people services experts provide a range of resourcing, recruitment and employment services, allowing our clients to put boots on the ground quickly and efficiently. The consultancy practice supports clients large and small, providing market research, advice and guidance to exporters or client-side management consulting to established businesses. The AEI support services team provides clients with anything they need to succeed in Saudi – from accommodation, office space and transportation to procurement, government and corporate services. AEI are experts in Saudi success.

Gulf Connect

Gulf Connect

Gulf Connect is led by Jane Preston who has worked in the Middle East since 1990. Over the years, Jane has developed an excellent network of business contacts and a thorough understanding of the business media and how it operates.

Having held strategic positions within the legal profession, media and event management in both the Public and Private sectors, she has in-depth knowledge of the Gulf countries, the governmental and legal structure; and cultural and historical heritage. Jane interacts with UAE Ministries; Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, business groups and professionally recognised bodies throughout the region. Jane has worked with numerous companies from a wide spectrum of industries to provide a better insight and understanding of overseas markets; identify opportunities for their products or services, and guide them with their export and market entry strategy to achieve set objectives through providing them her various business development related services.

Crowe U.K. LLP

Crowe U.K. LLP is a leading audit, tax, advisory and risk firm with a national presence to complement its international reach. They are an independent member of Crowe Global, the eighth largest accounting network in the world. Crowe Global has over 250 independent accounting and advisory firms in 130 countries.

For almost 100 years, Crowe has made smart decisions for multinational clients working across borders. Its leaders work with governments, regulatory bodies and industry groups to shape the future of the profession worldwide and provide lasting value to clients undertaking international projects

Crowe helps with accounts and tax compliance services in a friendly and pragmatic manner both in the UK and across 130 countries world-wide to support your planning and subsequent operations overseas.

Kmatrix Ltd

Kmatrix Ltd has partnered with Innovas since 2006, and provides corporate development services that enable clients to identify, quantify, risk- assess, select and exploit high potential global markets. They are well established, credible business analysts, recognised as Competent Persons by the UK/ US financial and investment markets for land & technology-based developments. Using highly developed risk templates for over 12,000 global markets they provide authoritative, multi- source and multi- factor analysis for time- critical decisions in a range of Corporate change situations like growth, diversification and globalisation.

Kmatrix provides a range of services to support Innovas. Specifically for Trade & Investment they provide International Market Opportunity Assessments. This provides in depth research of the real opportunities and competitors in potential markets which best match each client. Working with our partner Kmatrix Ltd, each International Market Opportunity Assessment is commissioned on an individual client basis. This report is designed to look at new market opportunities on a country or global basis.

In particular, the report comments on:

  • Best fit with identified market opportunities
  • Market trends (Opportunities and threats)
  • Channels to market both direct and indirect
  • Size of market opportunity
  • Percentage of market available
  • Closest competition and other emerging technologies
  • Potential Clients
  • Critical success factors in market entry
Additional data will be provided where appropriate

For more information on Kmatrix and its work with Innovas please follow this link