Innovas appointed by LLEP to develop sport & physical activity sector growth plan

Innovas appointed by LLEP to develop sport & physical activity sector growth plan

Innovas has been appointed by the Leicester & Leicestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), working with Leicestershire & Rutland Sport (LRS) and Sport England, to develop a growth plan to enhance the economic contribution and competitiveness of the Sport & Physical activity sector in the LLEP area.

The work aims to place Leicester & Leicestershire as a national exemplar in relation to identifying and evidencing the economic impact of the sport & physical activity sector, setting clear priorities and providing a clear rationale to inform future investment priorities and focus.

The multi-faceted work will include a range of tasks, including:

  • Defining the sport & physical activity sector, clearly identifying the individual components that make up the definition and drivers that are influencing its development.
  • Using existing research, datasets and strategies to provide an assessment of the importance of the sector in the LLEP area.
  • Identify the issues, barriers, constraints, threats and opportunities for the sector within the LLEP area, which would benefit from intervention.
  • Engaging with local companies, organisations and other stakeholders to ensure buy in
  • Identifying skills gaps and recruitment issues and addressing any mismatches between skills demand and supply
  • Identifying a series of potential interventions that will seek to address the threats and take advantage of the opportunities, developing a sports and physical activity economic plan.

The outcome of the work will be an action plan containing a series of detailed project briefs that will assist businesses and voluntary clubs in the sport & physical activity sector in Leicester & Leicestershire to maximise their growth potential, which in turn will generate economic, social and health benefits to the wider LLEP economy.

The growth plan will also identify how to promote innovation in the sector and how to maximise linkages and synergies with the eight LLEP priority sectors for which growth plans have already been produced.

The commission is Innovas’ second for the LLEP during the past year, following successful completion of a low carbon sector growth plan in 2015.

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