Innovas appointed to draft London Green Entrepreneurship Report

Innovas appointed to draft London Green Entrepreneurship Report

Innovas has been appointed by the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) to assist in drafting its “Green Means Business” report on “Green Entrepreneurship”.

The report will bring together evidence gathered by a number of previous studies of – and workshops into – green entrepreneurship undertaken by LSDC and partners into a single report containing recommendations and a deliverable action plan to help existing green entrepreneurs in London to expand and grow their businesses and to help entrepreneurs in other areas of the economy to expand into green sectors. The green economy includes environmental goods and services, renewable energy technologies and low carbon technology.

The recommendations will focus on ways that a range of London stakeholders can help green entrepreneurs to overcome barriers to growth and how to build on current and future opportunities.

The commission adds to Innovas’ growing portfolio of work in the green economy. Other recent assignments include a mapping study of the energy and environment sector in Wales, for Welsh Government, and the development of low carbon project briefs to inform the European Investment Strategies of three West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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