Innovas partners with Chris Daffy and the Academy of Service Excellence for the Healthcare sector

Innovas partners with Chris Daffy and the Academy of Service Excellence for the Healthcare sector

ASA logoAcademy of Service Excellence and Innovas – a partnership built on a shared vision of embedding Service Excellence across the NHS

We are pleased to announce Innovas has been granted the licence for the delivery of Customer Experience Management Master Practitioner Programmes developed by Chris Daffy of The Academy of Service Excellence into the NHS and privately owned Health Service Providers in the UK.

The Academy of Service Excellence was founded in 2000 when having spent almost 20 years working in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Chris Daffy decided to focus his attention solely on the subject of Customer Service. He has since become recognised as one of Europe’s thought leaders on the subjects of Service Excellence, Customer Experience Management and Service Strategy Development.

The Academy of Service Excellence specialises in helping organisations to become service leaders in their field, through creating a step-change in the way they deliver their services, and quickly and cost-effectively transferring and embedding the principles and techniques of Service Excellence to their clients’ team at all levels in their organisation, so that once the initial investment has been made they can drive it forward with their own resources.

Chris daffy‘Nobody would argue that there are many differences between the NHS and commercial business. There are also clear differences in the objectives of and the challenges faced by the Public and Private Sectors. Yet the move towards more transparency, open communications, the demand for higher quality at lower costs, and the monitoring of patients’ satisfaction through the Friends and Family Test, has meant the NHS is increasingly needing to adopt the means and methods of the private sector to drive performance and monitor service standards.’ Chris Daffy

Through working with the NHS the Academy of Service Excellence intends to explore:

  • What is best practice in private sector service delivery and how is it measured? The key elements – what the world’s best service providers focus on – and how a version of ‘Friends and Family’ score is used to measure success in the private sector
  • What are the essential elements of best practice service implementation? The role of leadership – the impact of culture and organisational structure – and how systems and processes affect the delivery of service excellence
  • How transferable are these best practices to the challenges of NHS patient care? Which practices have proved to be applicable to any type and size of organization – what are the simple but effective tools and techniques that anyone could learn and apply – and what are the key inhibitors and accelerators that can affect success
  • What would be the next steps to making worthwhile use of these best practices? Which implementation models are best suited to service excellence – what are the ‘quick wins’ that give people the confidence and inspiration to continue – what does experience suggest are the best starting places

The Academy offers a range of services including:

  • Advice and assistance with Service Strategy Development and Implementation Programmes
  • Customer Experience Management Master Practitioner Programmes
  • Customer Service Assessment and Analysis Services and Tools
  • Development Workshops for Service Providers, Managers and Supervisors
  • Service Excellence Consultancy Services
  • Service Leadership and Strategy Master Classes

What will it Impact on?

  • Leaders and Leadership style and approach
  • Culture, Core Values and Employee Morale
  • Organisationally on people, processes and their interactions both internally and externally
  • Bottom-line Financial Performance

Chris is currently working with Toyota Lexus, The Dorchester Hotel Group, James Walker Group and Saint Gobain Group. His previous clients include: Air Products – Akzo Nobel Group – BAE Systems – BMW – BT – DHL – ExtraCare – Esso Air – First Direct Bank – Legal & General- Maersk Line -Royal Bank of Scotland – Sodexo – Vaillant Hepworth – Watches of Switzerland – Xerox

For more information please contact: Tim Ashcroft

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