Innovas has been appointed by the Mineral Products Association,Institute of Quarrying and the Mineral Products Qualifications Council to carry out an evaluation of PRIME

Innovas Consulting has been appointed by the Mineral Products Association, Institute of Quarrying and the Mineral Products Qualifications Council to carry out an evaluation of the PRIME (Professional Recognition in Mineral Extraction) project.

PRIME was launched in June 2014 and has been part funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) Growth and Innovation Fund (GIF) and is intended to become an integral part of the extractives and mineral products industries.

PRIME seeks to foster a cultural change within the sector by promoting the concept of continued professional development (CPD) to all workers, providing greater opportunities for workers to demonstrate CPD, introducing new membership grades for technical specialists, and providing a clear career path for workers across the industries. GIF has predominantly been used to fund promotional activity, rather than training itself.

The objective of PRIME is stimulate increased demand for training/learning, resulting in more worker engagement, involvement and professional recognition, as well as the retention of experienced highly trained individuals. This is linked with a longer term goal of improving the external image of the sector, making it more attractive to future recruits.

The evaluation of PRIME will principally focus on the impact that the promotional and awareness raising activity has had to date (and is expected to have in future) on attitudes, aspirations, take up of CPD/training and industry progression, and its contribution to the achievement of longer terms industry targets in relation to recruitment/retention and industry competitiveness and productivity.

The work adds to Innovas’ extensive evaluation track record. Other recent assignments include an evaluation of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) financial skills project, ERDF youth enterprise projects for both Welsh Government and Kirklees Council, and an evaluation of Welsh Government’s support for Intellectual Property commercialisation among universities, businesses and in the NHS.

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