Innovas appointed to carry out low carbon sector study in Marches and Worcestershire

Innovas appointed to carry out low carbon sector study in Marches and Worcestershire

Innovas has been appointed by the Marches Environmental Technologies Network (Metnet), Shropshire Council and Worcestershire Council to carry out a study into the environmental and low carbon sector across the Marches and Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas.

The work will provide a usable and robust definition of the sector, and in the light of this definition it will:

  • Quantify the size of the sector in terms of the number and location of businesses operating, the number of employees it supports and its economic value, and to assess overall trends and sub-sector activity
  • Identify the key market and technological drivers that are influencing the sector,
  • Assess the needs of the sector and its sub-sectors and make recommendations as to how these needs can best be met
  • Set out current and future market opportunities for the defined sector, including an assessment of the capacity to which businesses across the economy can be assisted to become more environmentally sustainable in the future.

The work will include analysis of existing research, datasets and strategies an in-depth survey of environmental and low carbon businesses across the LEP areas, and a survey of businesses in other economic sectors to assess their current carbon reduction and resource efficiency measures.

The work will culminate in a final report which will contain recommendations for intervention and a series of investment briefs which can be used to inform deployment of domestic and European funds and provide an evidence base to support future funding bids (eg. Regional Growth Fund).

The commission adds to Innovas’ extensive portfolio of work in the low carbon and environmental goods & services sectors. Other recent assignments include drafting the London “Green Means Business” report on green entrepreneurship for the London Sustainable Development Commission and developing a Low Carbon Sector Growth Plan to enhance the competitiveness of the low carbon sector across Leicester and Leicestershire, on behalf of the local LEP.

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