Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Effective research, consultation, analysis and evaluation to understand the real impacts and value of projects and programmes is essential.

Innovas has extensive experience in the evaluation of strategies, programmes and projects across a range of economic development themes, including: enterprise, business competitiveness, innovation, knowledge transfer, broadband technologies, employment and skills. 

This includes evaluation and review of large and complex policies and programmes, as well as smaller-scale initiatives.

Evaluation is an essential tool to help improve programme and project design and service delivery. Central to our work is helping clients to understand the range of impacts that their activities can generate, including financial, economic, strategic and softer impacts, to identify what works, and draw out best practice lessons for the future.


Our expertise covers a range of evaluation methods and techniques that can be applied to different purposes (i.e. designing, improving management or accountability or learning about what does and does not work) for prospective (ex ante), ongoing (formative, interim and mid-term) and retrospective (final, ex post) evaluations. 

These techniques and methods can be grouped into four stages of an evaluation process; planning evaluations, obtaining data, analysing data and making evaluative judgements. Our evaluation findings are frequently used by clients to change the way they operate and to secure additional investment.

Evaluation Clients

Our evaluation clients include the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), English regions, Welsh Government, Scottish Enterprise, universities, local authorities across England and Wales, covering a broad spectrum of investments and funding streams, including domestic sources and European Structural Funds.

If you would like more information or simply to talk to us please contact:  research.evaluation@innovas.co.uk or call us on 01606 551122