Fearless Management Development Programme

Leadership is not power over others. Leadership is about empowering others.

FEARLESS let’s leaders know how to face reality, take decisive action, and accept responsibility for the outcome.

They recognise both success and give credit to those who created it.

When a problem exists they act, without blaming themselves or anyone else, take responsibility accepting they have may contributed to the problem in some way and get on with the job of fixing it.

Through running this programme you can develop leaders who will be:

Our FEARLESS leadership programme is:

  • Co-developed with participants
  • Based on accelerated learning principles
  • Not about sitting in a classroom
  • About what makes people tick
  • Linked to real life projects
  • Modular and adapted to each client

It is built on interaction, involvement, reflection, sharing, challenging, discussing, learning from one another, encouraging, partnering and strengthening relationships.

We use music, video, storytelling, buddy pairs, project teams, pre and post work based on real life business challenges and business simulation, alongside stakeholder engagement and support.

We use personality assessments to help people understand themselves, their teams and how they interact with others.

Finally – we aim to embed a way of thinking, doing and being that creates a foundation for a self-sustaining approach – our measure of success will be that you won’t need us again (well not for the same job!)

We tailor this programme to suit the needs of each client. For more information or simply to talk about how this programme could be run for you and your organisation please contact:

Tim Ashcroft: T: 01606 551122 M: 07710 603 952 E: tim.ashcroft@innovas.co.uk

You can also download a brief overview of the programme:

FEARLESS Management Development Programme FEARLESS Management Development Programme (2261 KB)

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