Economic Research and Analysis

Identification of hard market intelligence to support sustainable economic development solutions

Robust research should be the foundation of all economic development decision making.

All Innovas’ assignments involve the production of written reports for clients, and included detailed analysis of statistical data contained in National Statistics publications (including NOMIS) covering key macroeconomic, sectoral and labour market indicators at national, regional and local level. We also analyse and interpret forecasts of macroeconomic, sectoral and labour market indicators.

Quantitative Economic Research Techniques
We have applied quantitative research techniques in many of our assignments and have experience in all areas of quantitative economic research. We regularly interrogate economic development project and programme datasets (covering a range of business support services such as enterprise, innovation, trade and ICT) and other sources of data across a range of social and economic development themes.

Excellent Technical Skills
Our team possess excellent technical skills and we are adept in identifying, gathering and analysing relevant data and information, and providing effective and accessible interpretation and presentation of trends for different indicators, geographies, spatial areas and sectors.

Large Scale Telephone and Web-based Surveys
Many of our commissions involve the designed, management and analysis of the results of large scale telephone and web-based surveys of businesses and individuals that have received support from economic development programmes and projects. We use these results to generate quantitative estimates of impact of business support services and to draw out insights on the quality of services.

Production of Papers and Reports tailored to target audiences
We regularly produce a variety of papers aimed at different audiences, including analysis of economic data and government policy, reviews of projects and programmes, and clearly evidenced and deliverable recommendations.

These reports include concise high level briefing papers for senior colleagues, Board Members and Committee Members, who are often not technical specialists. These are tailored to be clear, insightful and punchy analysis to inform discussions on policy and strategic decision making, as well as more detailed reports for technical specialists and delivery organisations.

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