Graduate Enterprise

Nurturing Aspirations.

Practical Graduate Enterprise support and mentoring from idea generation, business planning and launch to ongoing support.

Around one new graduate in every five available to work is unemployed and recent graduates are more likely to work in lower skill jobs than a decade ago. The choices for graduates have therefore become tougher these last few years.

The opportunity to start a business and become self-employed has become an attractive and realistic alternative.

At Innovas we are working with Graduates guiding them through those essential first steps and providing a network of support by linking them to other graduates with similar opportunities and to specialist support where required. Most of the support provided to date has come from the public sector in Wales and England.

In addition we have established and are growing a Graduate Entrepreneurs Group to provide peer support, networking and inter-trade opportunities. If you are interested in joining this group please contact:

These are just a few of the Graduate Entrepreneur companies we have supported and are currently working with:


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