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Strategic and tactical selling must be one of the most demanding and challenging areas that businesses must succeed in to grow. Sales & marketing strategies need be focused, planned and implemented by an effective high performance sales team.

It takes a systematic and determined effort to succeed.

The Marketing Planning Process is often regarded as being frighteningly complex by many SMEs. So much so that it puts them off trying to put a Marketing Plan together.  

The Innovas approach aims to help you understand that marketing plans develop logically and a grounded in the reality of the business.

Benefits of our approach include:

  • Well defined processes that enhance revenues
  • Essential skills leading to high performance and results
  • Activity focused where success most likely

Innovas offers training, consultancy and coaching including:

  • SELLING SKILLS: Field sales, Telesales, Major accounts, Presentation skills
  • SALES & MARKETING MANAGEMENT: Key account management, Sales management
  • MARKETING: How to Attract, Convert, Close, Delight customers, Digital & social media, Marketing communications, Content marketing

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital marketing and social media present organisations with some superb channels for targeting individuals in a way that could not be achieved with more traditional marketing.

There are three clear objectives for using digital marketing and social media and they are the same for any sales activity:

  • Increase customers
  • Increase average order value
  • Increase purchase frequency

Innovas offers training, consultancy and coaching including:

  • UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS: Customer analysis - Buying personas
  • INBOUND MARKETING: Content development - How to Attract, Convert, Close, Delight customers
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media for sales; Scheduling social media

Additional Support from Innovas includes:

Tendering Supporting: BUSINESS SUPPORT and TENDERING

Market Research: MARKET INTELLIGENCE services

Innovas has established a team of people development professionals to work with your organisation to coach and mentor individuals and develop and deliver both in-house and open courses to support your business growth ambitions. Contact us to see how we can help you and your organisation maximise its potential.

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